Make The Most Of Your Bathroom Using These Cost Saving Tips


I’m sure you’d agree, anything we can do to reduce the maintenance costs of running our homes is a welcome message indeed. Long gone are the days when we used to have an out-house to do our ‘business’ in. We eventually moved everything indoors and running water made it all the more easier to use our bathrooms and help us deal with any unpleasant odours.

This article is going to show you steps you can take to make full use of your bathroom, including things you can do today to bring down your running expenses. Interested?

Tips for Conserving Energy in the Home Bathroom

There are several direct and indirect ways to save energy in a home bathroom. These also help save $$ and improve comfort of use in the bathrooms.

The foremost place is the bathroom fixtures. Most of the bathroom fixtures have 3-6 bulbs each and hence consume large amounts of electricity if left on for extended periods of time. These fixtures are a good place to save energy by replacing energy hogging incandescent bulbs with the more energy efficient CFL or LED bulbs.

If a home bathroom does not have an exhaust fan (also referred to as a ventilating fan), a homeowner should consider installing one. Excess moisture can cause problems with mold and increase relative humidity, even in an air conditioned home. When purchasing, one should select an ENERGY STAR qualified exhaust fan as they consume 65% less energy than standard models, have high performance motors, and are often quieter. For most efficient use, make sure the exhaust fan is properly sized for the room,  the fan housing perimeter in the wall or ceiling is sealed adequately, so that there are no leaks from the conditioned areas to the outside or attic.

So that takes care of hammering away at the cost of running our bathrooms, but what about things we can do to make it look like a masterpiece, while at the same time, not blowing the budget?

Well, if you’re restricted by space, here are some great ideas to help provide the illusion of a larger bathroom by increasing the efficiency of the available space.

20 Ways to Get the Best Use of Space in your Bathroom

Except for closets, your bathrooms are the smallest rooms of your home that you occupy several times a day.  For it being the smallest room, unfortunately you have dozens of tasks to accomplish in the space and it still feels too small!  To make your bathroom feel larger and to maximize every square inch, here is a list of 20 ways to get the best use of space.  Best in this article refers to tips that are easy to accomplish and fun to do in the process.  See how your bathroom will soon become the most LOVED room to use in the house.

1.) Use a monochromatic color scheme in a small bathroom: Depending on the color you choose and how much natural light illuminates your space, one color can make your bathroom feel larger. Remember one color doesn’t mean you can’t use hues of one color. A bathroom with varying shades of one color will accomplish the same goal.  Soft, neutral tones are perfect for this eye fooling trick. If you are able to keep it clean, white will make your bathroom feel the largest!

Here are some more tips on effective ways to utilise your bathroom space…

As ever, if you have anything you’d like to add, just get in touch with us.